The Beginning…

Hi there!

My name is Portia and I am about to commence the journey of a lifetime, or commence an Introduction to Accounting unit, whichever you’d prefer. I am slightly nervous to throw myself into this new adventure, however excited to immerse myself in a new world of accounting goodness.

Follow my blog and join me on this whirlwind of a ride, as we learn audit accounting has to offer!


You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain (ACCT 11059 – I’m Out)…


At last, the moment I have been dreaming about since Week 1 is finally here. After weeks of mental breakdowns and coming too close to giving up for my comfort, I can finally let out one last, great sigh of relief.. and maybe a happy tear or 10.

It is no secret that I have struggled in this Unit from day one. As anyone who has read my first few blog posts or Chapter Reviews would know, accounting has never been my strong point. After the strong hate relationship and experiences I had with Accounting in high school, I was so distraught when I first discovered I would have to go through all of that again with this assignment, and even worse, I wasn’t just doing it at a high school level. This is university, this s**t is real.

Nonetheless, as each week passed and I conquered more and more steps of the assignment, and quickly found myself nearing the end of semester, I must admit my confidence with accounting did begin to grow. I’m definitely no Einstein when it comes to the topic and I am in no way going to say I have grown a love for the subject (I don’t think that will ever happen), I do however know that unit has brought me out of my comfort zone, thrown me into the deep end more then once, and in turn, had me overcoming my accounting demons and fears greater than I could ever imagine.

Overall, to say I am relieved it is over would be a major understatement, but I won’t deny that this new introduction into accounting hasn’t been my worst experience in the world.

A N Y W A Y S – I am not going to bore you any longer. So without further ado, I now present to you my FINAL Stage 2 – Steps 7 – 10, which officially mark the end of this unit for me.

Portia Di Bella: ACCT11059 – ASS#2 Stage 2 – Steps 7-10

Portia Di Bella: EGL Financial Statements 2018

It has been a memorable ride folks, but for the time being, I’m out of here.


So close, yet so v-e-r-y far…


At last, I had approached the final hurdle. Steps 7 – 9. They couldn’t be that hard, right? I began by reading through each step and familiarising myself with the tasks I was about to attempt. I was quickly taken back when I saw how many marks Step 8 was worth. I started to doubt myself and question things like ‘Can I really do this?’, or ‘I’ve already done enough to pass this unit, does it really matter if I throw the towel in now and don’t complete these last steps?!’. Not to mention all of the up and down feelings I was having (including the distraught feelings portrayed above – I feel you Anne Hathaway).

Nonetheless, with a bit of determination and self-encouragement I was able to push past these emotions. It’s been a long ride team, but words cannot describe how overjoyed I am to have finally produced a DRAFT Assignment Stage 2; Steps 7 – 9.

I hope you enjoy what I have said and the ideas I have expressed for my company. Please do not hesitate to provide some feedback or comments below!

ACCT11059 – ASS#2 Stage 2 – Steps 7-10

EGL Financial Statements 2018

The whirlwind that was Ratios…


“When approaching Step 8, I was weary on how I was going to go in formulating my company’s ratios on the spreadsheet. However, after watching Maria’s video and following her guidance with each step, I was able to successfully state my ratios and in turn, grasp an idea of the current financial viability of The Environmental Group Limited. After analysing EGL’s ratios, I am able to see that my company is overall performing well, with a clear improvement in performance particularly within the 2017 financial year.”

To be continued…

Steps 5 and 6…


I won’t lie I have been slack in recent times on updating my blog and keeping you all informed on where I am at in Stage 2 of this assignment.

H O W E V E R, with great happiness I am pleased to say that I did smash out both Steps 5 and 6, analysing chapters 7 and 8, very quick. I am also proud to say I achieved pretty good grades for each – **Cue happy dance above**.

Anyways, I won’t keep you waiting any longer! Below is my c – o – m – p – l – e – t – e – d Step 5 & 6.

Step 5: ACCT11059 – ASS#2 Stage 2 – Step 5

Step 6: ACCT11059 – ASS#2 Stage 2 – Step 6

As usual, feel free to read, review and let me know all of your feels and thoughts on my steps below!


Conquering Step 3 & 4…


AT LAST, I have completed Step 3 and 4 of this assignment. Not without some challenge, however. Below I have given you a snippet of my feelings when approaching these steps.

S T E P 3 . . .

The thought of Step 3 was daunting over me. I was avoiding it to say the least, but the time had come that I couldn’t put this nerve wracking step off any longer, I had to conquer it. I kept looking at Martin’s advice to allow 12-13 hoursto complete this step, and I couldn’t knock the fear of failing a step worth 25%of my assignment. After reading Chapter Guide 4 my nerves increased. I was confused by all of the formulas and explanations which I was expected to understand and implement when restating my financials, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete the task. Nevertheless, I began….

S T E P 4 . . .

After my first experience of providing and receiving feedback in Step 6 of Assignment 1, I was enthralled to learn I would be provided this opportunity once again in Assignment 2. Where I once would have rolled my eyes at the thought of racking my brain to give someone else feedback on a topic I myself don’t fully understand, I was excited to have a look at how other people had presented their restated spreadsheets and give my input and feedback on how I thought they had done.

I have found the Facebook page for this Unit to be a major help in asking for feedback and assistance from other members of the Unit, when I have faced problems. I will admit, I didn’t utilise this facility as great as I could have when completing Assignment 1, however, I have now realised the benefits which come from using the tool to receive help…

I will now provide you with the link to my F I N A L Step 3 and 4. Here you can find feedback I have provided to other blogs within the Unit, as well as my thoughts and justifications on Step 3, and finally of course, my Restated Company Financial Statements.

Step 3 & 4:

ACCT11059 – ASS#2 Stage 2 – Steps 3-4

Company Spreadsheet:

EGL Financial Statements 2018

Please feel free to drop some comments or thoughts below!


The nightmare that was restating…


At last, I have produced a D R A F T of Step 3. I have dreaded this Step for day dot and i don’t think it’s hard to see why. Just some sidetones for any readers, I am confident I have restated my Balance Sheet and Income Statement correctly, however I am fairly certain I have been defeated by the challenge that was restating my SOCIE. For anyone passing by who feels like having a read, please please P L E A S E…. help a sister gal out and give me some feedback/pointers/explanations – anything really, on where I have gone wrong.

EGL Financial Statements 2018

Thanking you immensely in advance!

– Portia.